Diana is an authenticity driven entrepreneur who is constantly seeking, creating, developing, growing and learning.  She is passionate about business, personal development, wellness, travel, spirituality, productivity and maximizing her time and life to live exceptionally across all facets: faith, relationships, business and health.
     Her sensitivity coupled with her entrepreneurial mindset allows her to see opportunities through a unique lense leading to an overflow of ideas, reiterations and progress led execution.
     Being very unsure of her career path in her youth, she became even more unclear after completing law school. Pushed to find her passions she started her first company Tiny Devotions Inc. after taking a sabbatical in Bali post-graduating. Being keen to identify niches – Diana literally started an industry with her company selling mala beads and intentional accessories. Now with hundreds of competitors, Tiny Devotions founded in 2009 is still the innovative leader in the space.
      After dabbling with many other small ventures including angel investing and business coaching, Diana started Cole + Parker with her now Husband Jeff House. Cole + Parker is a social enterprise and luxury sock company that creates bold, colourful socks for leaders, legends and entrepreneurs.
     After marrying Jeff their union also led Diana to be involved in many facets of real estate including multiple development projects, an asset management portfolio as well as assisting with complex real estate transactions. Her real estate experience coupled with her entrepreneurial success led her to seek out private financing lending deals which is now one of her current focuses.
     Last but not least, Diana is extremely passionate about startups and entrepreneurial ventures of all sorts. She has been part of the Canadian Tech Accelerator for Cole + Parker and is always actively seeking out unique and high potential angel investing deals.
     Having come from a very entrepreneurial family, the buzz of business, startups and deals is part of her DNA and a constant adventure no matter where she is in the world on her extensive travels with her husband.


Established by Diana House in 2010, Tiny Devotions Inc. has grown to be a world leader in intention based accessories and apparel. Starting with the niche product mala beads and expanding to yoga and boho inspired accessories and jewelry. As seen in Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal and in collaboration with Kathryn Budig, Danielle Laporte and Kris Carr.

Founded in 2013 by Jeff and Diana House, Cole and Parker sells bold, premium quality men’s socks. They sell in close to 200 high end menswear locations throughout North America. Cole and Parker has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Men’s Fitness, Trend Hunter and was also featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

An ADJ Holdings Inc. company, London’s Private Jet is a boutique aviation company partnered with Jetport to service private charters from and to London Ontario and 6000 FBO’s across North America. Focussed on privacy, safety and luxury full concierge travel.


Having several coaches herself, Diana is passionate about coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs in technology, CPG and various other businesses. With a love of sharing and passion for passing on learnings, wisdom and knowledge, Diana is available for limited speakings across North America.

Diana is always seeking dynamic and disruptive early stage companies to mentor and invest in. Also providing private lending for land, construction and real estate across North America. With an emphasis on flexibility, professionalism and a no hassle lending experience.

House Group Inc.

House Group Asset Management is a privately held manager of various Real Estate Assets in Southwestern Ontario. Their value based approach identifies, acquires, and manages strategically positioned properties in the multi-residential, retail, and mixed used commercial classes.


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