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Let’s take your 6, 7, or 8+ figure business to the next level.

Do you know how to run your business from the numbers or are you operating blind with no financial optics?


I want you to know enough about business finance to be dangerous.

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I am Diana House.

serial entrepreneur obsessed with empowering entrepreneurs around their business finances.

My track record speaks volumes: I have built a highly profitable 7 figure company, been on Dragon's Den (the Canadian version of Shark's Tank), done a successful crowdsourcing campaign and sold two businesses in the e-commerce space.

I now work with my fellow entrepreneur husband on FFV Capital and Fast Forward Ventures, our real estate companies focussed on private financing and commercial real estate investing.

I have been featured as one of the top female entrepreneurs in Canada by the w100 and also recognized as a top 20 under 40 entrepreneur by Business London.


I teach successful entrepreneurs to become the Chief Financial Entrepreneur of their business.

This kind of entrepreneur is usually the MOST successful because they:

Have access to their accounting software and get appropriate reporting that drives their business.

Have a finance team who supports them (Accountant and bookkeeper at least) and the Entrepreneur is empowered around managing and directing them.

Know their numbers, look at them monthly and run their business from the financials

Understand how they make profit, what aspects of their business are most profitable, and

know what levers they can pull to continue to grow their business more profitability.

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Diana is a powerhouse with entrepreneur finance... She knows numbers!



Why are you scared of profit?

(Don’t be…)